Lip Gloss Business wholesale kit 1

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With this Package we do the hard work for you Starting out by Building you a basic website. It will be your job to keep up your website, but we don't stop there;

  • 3.5lb Lip Gloss Base (oil free, sililion beauty blend, or you can get 3 of any sililion beauty pre-made lip gloss in 16 oz bags.
  • Lip gloss Squeeze tubs 
  • 10 Syringes 
  • 100 Pipettes
  • 10 Pigments
  • 4 8oz oils or the choice of getting 16 oz of the sililion blend oil. 
  • 10 Flavors 
  • 250 business cards and Thank you cards
  • Box of Gloves
  • Business labels
  • 100 Aluminum Foil Pouches 3.54x5.5 inch
  • poly mailers 
  • shipping labels
  • With a venders list to help  you along you way